Do you


of a different life?

A life where you follow through with the promises you make to yourself. Of your inner dialogue being a cheerleader instead of a bully. Your language choices may be getting in the way.

Introducing Lisa Westgate

Lisa Westgate is a Rockstar Strategist 🤘🔥 Co-Creating Personal and Professional Solutions through Enlightening Conversations!

Lisa is a true business Rockstar with a Rebel heart.

Over her nearly 10-year entrepreneurial journey, she has tried everything they tell you that you need to be successful. She has the certificates, awards, professional memberships and a number one best-selling book to prove it.

Lisa has discovered that the truest way to attract your ideal client is to be unapologetically authentic and behave with unashamed integrity. Being 100% yourself and playing full out is the way to succeed in business.

On the topic of being 100% yourself, Lisa aids her clients to discover who they are at their core and bring their lives into alignment, authenticity, and integrity.

Throughout this easy-to-consume mini-course, Lisa brings to your conscious awareness some words and phrases you may be using on autopilot.

Within a short timeframe (less than an hour), you will gain a new understanding of the power your words hold and receive suggestions of new, more resourceful language to 'swap in' to your vocabulary.

An awakening and a new way of speaking to yourself

All in under an hour and for under $100!

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